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Fresh IT - is a new management system, allows to keep track of all the incoming produce directly from the fields, starting with the producer on condition they have been provided with the bulk storage containers.
All stages, including checking in, container placing, laboratory tests, storing are supported by the system in their factual entirety. Containers are monitored with the help of weight measuring stations located at key points, they are also equiped with bar code scanners as well as touch screen computers.
We have more than 20-year expirience in accounting automation. We know how, when and why people can make mistakes in accounting. Our clients can give more unbiased and comprehensive information about our systems and about us.
It depends on your choice of system. Basicaly clients choose those systems, in which everything is included: delivery, installation, documentation, training, hardware connections (scales, barcode scanners & printers etc.)
We can provide support with e-mail, Skype and by remote connection. In every case we discuss with our clients the preferrable type of support. However, duration, type and response time depends on your support package.

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